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Dr. Carol Batey Prunty

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Forest farmer Carol Batey Prunty is an herbalist and teacher of botanicals who writes about her craft. Carol has been growing gardens and herbs for a long time with enormous success. With her love of the forest woodland herbs, she has now developed her knowledge of woodland at-risk herbs that grow in the shade. Carol spent fall of 2021 transforming the woods and activating the likelihood of the forest floor. 

Carol is open for guided plant walks and visits to the Prunty Botanical Sanctuary. Merchandise can be brought as well as books, herbal medicines or skin care products. To make an appointment just email her at

If you are interested in learning how to incorporate Hemp into your daily uses for food, medicinal or skin care she is the one. One of her books is Cannabis Lifestyle Entertainment (a recipe book), on Her skin care products and medicine are infused with Hemp. Another class available by her is Cooking with Hemp. The classes are 4 hours for $300 all supplies provided participants will also go home with products they make. The grounds are also a place where one can forest bath if a person is entered. Hanging out in the woods by forest bathing the prices are 2 hours for $50. As a Cannabis Chef Carol can cook one entire meal full course for $400.  

Mission of Carol’s Homestead

As a Botanical Sanctuary, since August 2021, founded in Goodlettsville, Tennessee. Members of the United Plants Savers serving the United States and Canada protecting at-risk plants. There are not hundreds of acres; we have six ½ which four acres are undisturbed woodland forest which are perfect for planting shade loving endangered plants. Thus, is what is being done. At present there are over fifty at risk plants and not endangered plants planted as well. Because the woodland plants love to be planted under the green canopy and the forest floor. Lastly, the mission is to protect plants that are over harvested and not replanted. Some people help endangered animals, at-risk children and older adults, insects or birds.

“The earth is not a place to visit, it is home.” Gary Snyder (Pulitzer-Winning EcoPoet)